A Reenactors Phrase Book

I reenact, therefore I am.
Latin: Praeteritum tempus resancio, ergo sum.

Kingdom of the Celts.
Latin: Regia Celtarum.
Welsh: Teyrnas y Celtiaidd.

Are you chopsing?
Latin: Impudenter loquerisne?

I am more man than you will ever be and more woman than you will ever have.
Latin: Plus vir sum quam unquam eris et plus femina quam unquam habebis.

Ego must be satisfied.
Latin: Amor sui satisfaciendus est.
Welsh: Mae’r ego gorfod diwallu.

Ego is all.
Latin: Amor sui omnia est.
Welsh: Mae’r ego yn poppeth.

You’re going home in a linen bodybag/shroud.
Latin: In linteo mortuorum domum revertemini.
Welsh: Yr ydych yn mynd gartref mewn bag corff lliain.

You and whose army?
Latin: Tu atque cuius exercitus?
Welsh: Chi a pwy fyddin?

Now in a minute.
Latin: Nunc in punctum temporis.
Welsh: Nawr mewn muned.

Love me, love my scram.
Latin: Amate me, amate cultellum meum.
Welsh: Caru fi, caru fy ngylledd.

Your weapons cannot harm me, my ego is like a shield of steel.
Latin: Tela vestra mihi nocere non possunt, amor mei similis est scuto ferreo.

Outside now.
Latin: Exite nunc.
Welsh: Ty allan nawr.

Very metal.
Latin: Metallissimum.
Welsh: Metel i’r dim.

Group Fascist.
Latin: Homo qui imperium totum super turbam tenet. 
(Literally: One who has ultimate power over the rabble.)

My friend, I am going to slay you now.
Latin: Amice, nunc te interficiam.

If you can’t be strong, be cunning.
Latin: Si fortis esse non potes, sollers est.
Welsh: Oni byddi gryf, bydd gyfrwys.

Did you spill my pint?
Latin: Effudistine sextarium meum?
Welsh: A chi wedi golli fy peint?

Did you spill my mead?
Latin: Effudistine potum melis meum?
Welsh: A chi wedi golli fy medd?

What are you looking at?
Latin: Quid spectas?
Welsh: Beth i chi yn edrych a’r?

Lord, grant me this day the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the weaponry to make the difference.
Latin: Deus, da mihi hodie serenitatem qua res quas mutare non possum accipiam, audaciam qua res quas possum mutem, et arma quibus differentiam faciam.

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.
Latin: Aetas atque perfidia semper iuventum atque artem

Re-enactors do it in castles.
Latin: Homines qui praeteritum tempus resanciunt, id in castellis faciunt.

It’s no substitute for a personality or a social life.
Latin: Non vicarius ingenii aut vitae socialis est.

I will not bounce Beaker around the barn.
Latin: Non Beakerem circa granarium iaciam.

Get a room.
Latin: Cubiculum acquirete.

Get a tent.
Latin: Tentorium acquirete.

If you give me a pink sword with gold stripes, I’m sure that I could find something creative to do with it.
Latin: Si mihi gladium roseum virgis aureis dabis, ego pro certo habeo me eo aliquid creatrix facturum esse.

I never repeat gossip – so listen carefully.
Latin: Numquam gerras itero – itaque audi diligenter.

When in hole, stop digging.
Latin: Ubi in foramine es, desiste fodere.