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Event Reports

Ardwyn at Fritton Lake
(This is Ardwyn remember–if you take offence at grownup words, and personal opinions read someone else’s writeup…)

Who Did What At Carmarthen

Filming the Story of Welsh

Windy Weekend
(Cosmeston Halloween)

Reality Breakdown 2002
The Welsh do Hastings and it All Goes Wrong)

Adventures of the Littlest Gwerin
(Stewart at Bannockburn)

Previous Years Event Reports
(In the Archives)

Reenactment Articles

You do what?!
(FAQ and New Members Guide)

An Illustrated Guide to the Frequently and Lesser Spotted Gwerin
(Who are these nutters?)

A Guide to Reenactment Plastic Camping

The Great Pouch Debate
(Copy of the report presented to the High Witan in defense of the belt pouch.)

Fun and Games
(Liven up those battle practices)

Basic Kit Making, Shields – Part 1

Factual Articles


Welsh Line Commands

Viking Sagas – The Highlights.

Oystermouth Castle
(Some background information about the great spot we have for Battle Practice in the Winter)

Historical Background
(The events leading to and surrounding some of the events we portray.)

Chippenham 878: The Turning of the Tide

York 975: Crisis!

Kirkudbright 10th Century

The Battle of Stamford Bridge

The Battle of the Standard