Group Constitution

The group constitution for Y Cantref Breiniol  – Glywysing (YCB) has been taken and changed to incorporate the suggestions made by group members of G-y-G (i.e. those received by Monday 11th May 1998) and suggestions made by the acting Regia Anglorum Lawspeaker Martin Williams 16th September 1998.

Section 1 – POSITIONS

1.i  The positions generally known as Group Leader and Group officers shall be referred to in this document as Coordinators, as this more accurately reflects their function and the expectations of the group membership.  

1.ii  G-y-G shall elect a Group Coordinator (Group Leader), and other coordinators (officers), as required by the Regia Code of Law.

The term of office shall be annual from mid September to mid September, dates to be decided at that time.  September is the most appropriate time for elections, as it is effectively the end of the show season and beginning of the recruitment season.  As an initial one-off not to be used as a precedent for future policy making, the first term of office will be from the elections held in May 1998-September 1999.  If any of the Coordinator, including the Group Coordinator, stands down during their period in office, an election shall be held for that position, according to the Group decision-making process.  His or her period in office shall then run until the following September, when all positions will be up for re-election, using the Group decision-making process. If, at the end of this year he wishes to continue he must stand for re-election against any other fully paid up member(s) who may wish to be considered for the post.

1.iii  The Group Coordinator will encourage all members of the group to be actively and constructively involved in the day-to-day organisation and running of the group. It must be remembered that this is a group run by everybody and not one person’s personal property.  However, within the eyes of Regia, the Group Coordinator will be seen as being personally responsible for the group to other Regia groups and to the National Society (usually as a representative at High Witan).  He/she  must consult the group on decisions where the membership has an interest.  He must abide by the wishes of the group in respect to decisions as decided upon using the Group decision-making process.  It is envisaged that the Group Coordinator serves the group and not vice versa.  Please note that the group should not abuse its position of power.

1.iv.  G-y-G shall elect a Group Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall handle all the monies of the group and also keep track of it’s physical assets. 

He/She has the authority to authorise the expenditure e.g. petrol money group kit etc, subject to the consent of the group.

He/She will receive any monies earned by the group in the first instance and maintain accurate records.

He/she to encourage the continuance of the established process of sharing resources i.e. finance and equipment between members of G-y-G based in the university and those based in the community and vice versa.

He/She is expected to play devils advocate with respect to all financial decisions.

The Treasurer shall maintain bank accounts, which at all times will have a minimum of two signatories.  At no time shall there be an account with a cashcard or credit card.

The Treasurer shall double up as membership coordinator, unless a separate election is held for the post using the Group decision-making process.  As membership coordinator, he/she is to keep accurate records of addresses, ways of contact and ensure that membership fees are processed according to Regia procedure.

1.v.  All other Coordinators such as (Training, Authenticity and LHE) are elected, as required by the group or Regia.  E.g. a group with ten members or more should have a Coordinator for Training and Authenticity.  Their remits can be determined when the position is needed. The new Regia constitution as yet not received by G-y-G at 26th October 1998 is said by the Lawspeaker at this time to require all groups to have an authenticity coordinator and all military combatant groups to have a training coordinator.



A Returns Officer (or is it a Coordinator???), shall be appointed for each annual and any intermediate election.  The Returns Officer to be a fully paid up member, in accordance with the membership criteria for voting.  The Returns Officer to be selected by popular consent.  They themselves cannot stand for any of the posts available and cannot vote.  These options were available to Mr. S. Moss, who was the Returns Officer for the first elections of May 1998.  This was one-off and is not to be used as a precedent in any other elections.

Membership Criteria for nomination/standing for a post and taking part and voting in any election.

A fully paid up member is a full adult member. Only full adult members may participate in group or society government. The minimum age for this is 18. Combatant juniors pay full fees – but only to cover the requirement for Regia insurance.

  1. A fully paid up member is considered to be someone whose full membership fee has been paid to the Group Treasurer. A fully paid up member is a full adult member. Only full adult members may participate in group or society government. Therefore the minimum age for voting purposes is 18. Combatant juniors pay full fees – but only to cover the requirement for Regia insurance.
  2. All fully paid up members are entitled to vote with the following exceptions:
  • New members who join after the date of the announcement.
  • Lapsed members who had not rejoined before the announcement of the election.
  • Members that transfer from other groups after the announcement of the election.
  • Members announcing an intention to leave the group; either joining or forming a new group within the next six months.
  • Children who join as part of a family membership.
  1.  Notification of an election to be sent in writing either by post or e-mail to all of the fully paid up membership.  Note: Members are to keep the Membership Coordinator appraised of theirpreferred method of written communication.  This written notification to give details of which posts are available and invite nominations for these posts with a closing date, not to be sooner than 10 days from date of posting.  Nominations can be by self or a third party, (it might be courteous to let the person whom you are nominating know that you have done so).  The name and ways of written contact for the Returns Officer to be made known.  On the deadline for the nominations, the returns officer to send out by the member’s preferred way of written contact the nominations for each post, and to invite votes in person at a venue or in writing by a date no sooner than 10 days of notification.  All nominations to be fought against R.O.N.  (R.O.N. is Re-Open Nominations, whereby if R.O.N. wins the nominations for the post are re-opened).

     Otherwise, first past the post wins.


The following is the Group decision-making process, to be used on all important matters, such as land, assets, policy, constitutional changes, which all of the fully paid up membership needs to be consider.  See separate section for elections.

An agenda to be drawn up and sent in writing to all fully paid up members.  This can be in the form of minutes taken at the previous hearth-night.  This is to enable all members to have an input on matters either in person at the next practicable hearth night, i.e. after 10 days from date of posting or in writing as the next practicable hearth night.  The decisions made to be minuted and circulated.  If a vote is necessary for any issue, the returns officer shall be the Group Coordinator, who him/herself cannot vote, but has a casting vote if there is a draw in the voting.

These processes give everybody a voice.  It is up to the individual member to use their voice.  If they do not use their voice, the decisions will be made by those who are prepared to do so.

2.iii. Decisions on land and assets.

  1. Assets are kit, property and money owned by the group as a whole.
  2.  Land Grants. (This is a modification to the way in which the group holds land, The actual process of national ratification remains unchanged,) The land is owned collectively by the group and not by any individual in whole or part.  The land is defined as the G-y-G land grant allocated by Regia Anglorum.  A full register is kept by Regia Anglorum showing all land and its boundaries.  The only way for the land grant to be sub-divided is if their is a wish for a separate Regia group to be formed within the G-y-G land grant.  For example:  a group centred around Neath.  The land is to be given to a group and not an individual.  If a new group is to be created in the given land grant, the Group decision-making process be enacted. .  G-y-G has no power to select a Group   Coordinator for any new group.
  3. If any new group, formed as described in b folds, their land grant will be returned to G-y-G, according to Regia procedure.

Hearth nights are to be the first and third Tuesday of the month and to be minuted. Minutes to be circulated before subsequent hearth nights to all fully paid up members. 

  1.  Any member of the group is welcome to use their re-enactment contacts, knowledge and skills in the pursuit of a private business, as long as this is not to the detriment of any group member, the group or its client base.

As a Welsh group, we all portray people of the 10th/ 11th century who are at least nobles, freemen, traders, priests, craftsmen, mercenaries,  bards etc. We do not force people to portray peasants.  All members of the G-y-G should consider themselves of the Breyr rank, which according to the Regia Handbook were the free landowners of Wales.  This is an attempt to avoid the divisiveness that can arise when employing practices used elsewhere in Regia. It is also in recognition of the fact our membership is made up of 20th century people who are volunteers and not pressed men.


 In the Regia time period (approximately 950 to 1070 AD) the cultures present in the G-y-G land grant have thus far been researched to be Welsh, Hiberno-Norse and Norse. Any member of G-y-G is welcome to pursue the representation of any other culture e.g. Irish, Rus Viking etc, subject to restrictions at events caused by client, the national society, or the event itself e.g. the Battle of Hastings.

  1.  G-y-G would like to maintain good relations with its neighbour YCB. In recognition of this would like to swear a symbolic allegiance to Cludog ap Arthfyl, Brennin or his democratically elected successor.
  2.  The group will honour the policy and courtesy in Regia that we will only take paid group work in another local group’s land grant, for an event covering the Regia time period (approximately 950-1070 AD), on the invite or express permission of the host local group.

At all times the group must have a fully paid up member occupying the position of Decreaud o popeth cas. Selection to be by popular discontent or the group decision-making process.

Note: On the 22nd October 1998 the acting Regia Lawspeaker Martin Williams said this, for a small group, was a very nice constitution.

Land grant

Map of the  land grant.