Hastings: Chronology of Disaster

by Leia (Car 2)

This weekend we spent at the battle of Hastings. It was a great show. Almost uniquely for us this year, not a single one of the Welsh got damaged.

And then we tried to leave…

6.15PM: We prepare to leave Hastings. Myself, Squish and Stewart are in Igg’s car.  Ben and Sabrina are in Will’s. We arrange to meet at a particular service station should we get separated en route.  The rain which had fallen all day has finally stops and all looks well…

6.30PM: As we pull out of the carpark Igg hits the curb and almost takes out a bollard.

6:40PM: Will rings to say he’s on the wrong road and we’ll have to meet at a different services as he would now miss the ones we’d planned. We agree. All is not yet lost.

9:00PM: Igg’s windscreen wipers stop working.

9:10PM: Torrential rain resumes.

9:15M: The battery light on Igg’s car starts flashing.

9:20PM: We decide to pull over and call the AA as we can no longer see where we are going.

9:25PM: Will rings on one of the mobiles to say they’ve had a tyre blow out. They changed the tyre. The spare was flat too.

A plaintive cry goes up, “Why does everything we do turn into a farce?”

9:30PM: We stop at a KFC to eat chicken and wait for the AA.

10:45PM: The AA tow Will’s car to the garage next to the KFC where we are.  Will’s AA man swaps Will’s flat tyre for Igg’s spare tyre.  Igg’s AA man looks at Igg’s car and calls a tow truck.

11:30PM: Will drives on with the replaced tyre and we drive on in the AA lorry with Igg’s car on the back.

11:40PM: Our AA lorry gets lost and misses the other AA lorry that’s supposed to take us the rest of the way to Cardiff.

11:50PM: We pass Will, broken down on the side of the road.  A different tyre has also gone flat.

11:55PM: We turn around, still looking for the services and pass Will again.

12:00Midnight: We stop at the services and the AA man tries to call base to sort out something for us.

12:30AM: The AA man finally gets his radio working

1:00AM: The other AA lorry arrives.  We take Igg’s car off the first lorry and put it on the second.  The first lorry takes one of Igg’s wheels to put on Will’s car.

1:30AM: We continue on.

1:35AM: We pass Will again.

3:00AM: We reach Igg’s house and transfer myself and Stewart to Igg’s mum’s car.

4:25AM: We arrive back in Swansea.

7:30AM: I sleep through my alarm clock.

12:25PM: I’m woken by the telephone and someone trying to sell me rubbish.

12:30PM: I remember who, where and when I am, swear and run to work 4 hours late.