I Can’t Believe They Asked That!

thanks to Hazel for her contributions to this section.

Swansea City & County Show, 27th 28th May 2000

Many of us were barefoot and I wish I had a pound for every time we were asked “Aren’t your feet cold.”  All we could do was explain that it was a gloriously sunny day and the tarmac on which we were standing has been absorbing the heat all day – so no actually our feet were really rather hot! 

School Show in Pontypridd, 10th June 2000

Some small child asked in concern “Do the knights ever hit you by accident?”  The response?  “No it’s entirely intentional every time.”

Coity Castle Show, 23/24th June 2000

Small child on seeing the fire box helpfully commented “Excuse me there seems to be flames coming out of your wood” 

Woman seeing two people sat on the LHE whittling stool legs curiously asked “What’s that you’re making? Swords is it?”

A very disapproving child was heard to complain “This castle is full of grass”

And a very confused one to enquire “Why are they still alive?” (And he hadn’t seen the battle yet …)

Overheard on the tannoy: at the event were the following gems…
 Amongst a list of lost items handed to the organisers: One goldfish.
“There has been a vehicle found in the car park”

As I was suffering from the aftereffects of overindulging on the mead I took a nap on the grass next to the LHE where a small child was heard to ask if was really dead.

Gower Society Talk, 8th July 2000

One slightly baffled tourist asked “Do you always live like this?”  

Croft Castle Show, 29th & 30th July 2000

Munching ice cream after hours I got accosted twice by dull Public asking variations on “Is that a medieval ice cream?”  My first answer was a patient explanation that the show was over now, I really did live in the 20th century the rest of the time.  The second one I couldn’t be bothered to explain and just replied “Yes it is.”  They wandered off looking confused.

Kirby Hall, August 2000

Overheard on the tannoy – “All the tanks you see here today are real”
“Can the owners of the Bren Gun please remove it from the arena before the Vikings eat it”

Also as I was loading my luggage onto the coach at Swansea the driver looked at my shield and asked if I was expecting the Vikings, at which point I gave into temptation and said “No … I am a 
Viking”, which floored him a little!

On the way to battle practice February 2001

Pointing at my spear, “What’s that for?”  Um hitting people?

Jorvik Festival February 2001

As I was sat on my shield to save the concrete leeching the heat from my butt some bright spark came over to ask me “Is that really soft?”  Well softer and warmer than tarmac anyway.

At the reopening of the Jorvik centre

The Prime Minister: “What’s that you’re wearing?”
Reenactor: “Chain mail”
The Prime Minister: “But they didn’t have chain mail then did they?”

Good thing he’s the PM not the education minister!

Gloucester Show, April 2001

A completely insane member of the public came over and started berating me for running round barefoot.  Apparently he worked for the a hospital and “took a dim view” of people putting themselves at risk and using up NHS resources.  I nobly resisted the urge to tell him they were my feet and I’d do whatever I wanted with them and just nodded and smiled politely while he ranted. 

On the way to the Banquet, May 2001

Some kids watching us go by in kit – “Do you dress up as people?”

On the Way to Battle Practice, September 2001

Oh the looks you get on  the way to practice.  Oh and how funny some passing members of the public think they are.  Examples…

“Expecting an invasion?”

“Chasing Romans is it?”

Freshers Fair at Swansea University , September 2001

Assorted variations on “Is that a real sword.” by people who must have worked really hard to get in university.

“Are you Maid Marion?”  It’s nice to see that the university doesn’t discriminate on grounds of intelligence…