Illustrated Guide to the Frequently and Lesser Spotted Gwerin.

In no particular order…  (well in alphabetical order by last name actually, as I just went down the group address list)

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Name: Andrew.
AKA: Hamster Wrangler.

One of the many Gwerin who are scattered across the country – Tewkesbury in this case.

Up on Rhossli

Name: Toni.
AKA: Inestimable Princes Pure as the Driven Snow.

One of the many Gwerin who are scattered across the country – Tewkesbury in this case.

If she complains of having ‘some pent-up agression’ then run for cover – or better still, make sure she’s on your side at the time.

At the Royal

Name: Kate.
Authentic name: Hywel ap Gwerin.
AKA: Group Inefficient, Evil.

Recently escaped from the sentence of Group Fascist.

Name: Faintly Fuzzy Man.

Notes: Still living happily in Swansea Museum.

Name: Leia.
Authentic name: Lleu y Deryn.
AKA: Group Webmaster, Group Authenticity, The Leia Effect, Official Fool to the Penteulu, Deputy Group Victim, Lionel*.

Help me!

Name: Tristan.
AKA: Group Babelfish.

Another scattered Gwerin – this one to Romsey.

Name: Niel.
Authentic name: Ellyl.
AKA: Group Ego.

One of the Swansea Three.

Name: Simon.
Authentic name: Sulien y Bicell.
AKA: Group Embezzler, Group Transport, Jones the Spear, Rebel Leader.

A most important member – being the car driver of the group.

One of the Swansea Three.

Name: Alice.

Another Gwerin Combat Bird

Name: Steven.
Authentic name: Cellach McIllan
AKA: Little Steve, Group Academic, Dr Moss.

Currently invisible but he does exist, honest.

Name: Tim.
AKA: Tim the Unapparent.

The most infrequently spotted of the Gwerin.

Name: Sian.
AKA: Stewart*, Switzerland, Pawl’s Nemesis, Wee Viking Lassie.

The next phase in the Will–>Igg–>Leia–> cloning process, with a bit of gene-splicing from Rob.

Owner of an evil little creature called Mic

Name: Pawl.
Authentic name: Pawl.
AKA: The Enforcer (double agent).

An actual local.

Bravely upheld the honour of the Gwerin by surviving a spoon fight with Treefrog.

Name: Dee.
AKA: Gwerinmon Wrangler.

Responsible for the Gwerinmon.

Name: Rob.
Authentic name: Arglwydd Pennaf o’r Bydasawd
AKA: Group Coordinator, Group Flinch, Group Victim.

One of the Swansea Three.

Frequently heard (after a few drinks) to dispense wisdom from the Book of Rob.

Recently caught by the Curse of the Coordinator.

Name: Hazel.
AKA: Group Export.

At Cosmeston Notes: