The Alternative Gwerin Elections

In tribute to the Gwerin’s annual battle between apathy and democracy…

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The Greatest Words of Wisdom

“Trousers are irrelevant” – Will
“Look after your feet and your arse will look after itself.” – Kate
“Nothing is as important as the last half hour” – Rob

The Most Frantic Kit Making Session

The ‘many hats’ all-nighter before Oystermouth last year.
The ‘many shields’ all-nighter before Oystermouth this year.

Stupidest Comment from a Member of the Public

“Aren’t your feet cold?” – Every Show, at least one member of the public.
“Do the knights ever hit you by accident?” – Pontypridd, small child.
“There seem to be flames coming out of your wood!” -Coity Castle, small child looking at the fire.
“Why are you still alive?” – Coity Castle, small child.
“Do you always live like this?” – Gower Society talk.
“What’s that for?” – On the way to practice, member of the public staring at a spear.
“But they didn’t have chain-mail then did they?” – Jorvik, Tony Blair PM.

Silliest Campsite Activity

Gold Songs.
Leia Coursing.
Cosmic Chess.
The boffer-sticks at Fritton.
Any available adventure playground.

Silliest Place to do a Show Barefoot.

Croft Castle – Thistles.
York – Pointy Tarmac.
Gloucester – Members of the public taking A Dim View.
Leeds – Blizzards.
Cosmeston – Floods.

Most Bone Idle Battle Practice

The one where three of us laid under the tree in the park for an hour then went to the pub.