The Guilty Parties: Carmarthen

Who did what at the Carmarthen Merlin Magic and Mystery Festival…

Ben – trip to cash and carry on the Friday to buy essentials such as pop, Mars bars and steak.

Leia – for helping with the firewood sawing party Friday night. Also for coping with some obsessive and very regular log sawing that went on.

Ben – helping to sort Ron and Sian out with costume for their first show.

Ron and Sian – for transporting the log pile to Carmarthen

Brenin – for bringing his wardrobe crisis to Carmarthen i.e. more kit than he could wear at once, so the surplus just had to be shown off on the LHE.

Simon and Colin – for stuffing their cars with kit and dealing with some obsessing over baskets.

Will – for bringing the Cantref tent, stools and Kit down.

Pa Peterson – for the loan of his superb fire box.

Forever Colin – for going back to Swansea pick up the bit of kit we left behind, after a feat of  disorganization, i.e. Ben.

All – for coping with lots of enthusiastic public with a high ‘fingers factor’ when it came to handling the kit.

Simon – for mail making display.

Ben – for the authentic board games display

Assorted – for going off to do battle in defense of the Brenin against a young pretender to the title of ‘King.’ Some talk of the hardy warriors being intimidated By the pretender’s champion’s wife – what’s scary about a policeman’s wife? Why wouldn’t the policeman do the job himself? He was wearing a helmet after all!

Niel – for lurking on the LHE and tending the fire while people went off to the arena to do battle.

Kate – for ensuring the mead turned up after the event.

Kate – for all the other positive things done by people maliciously left off this list.